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Mo Dulies


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‎The power of raw SQL‎
‎Machine Learning in Perl 6‎
‎Modeling a Universe‎
‎Mob programming the CPAN Pull Request Challenge‎
‎OAuth2 is Done‎
‎Mapping World Literature‎
‎Web automation with WWW::Mechanize::Chrome‎
‎Getting gutsy with perl5‎
‎Lightning Talks Day 2‎
‎Lightning Talks Day 3‎
‎Low-end Perl‎
‎Fighting technical debt with‎
‎Perl in Programming Contests‎
‎Perl 5.26 and the Blue-Blue Shiny Ball of Eternal Transparency‎
‎Adding Structured Data to Log::Any‎
‎Rakudo.js - compiling Perl 6 to JavaScript‎
‎Docker (&-compose) for (Perl) Developers‎
‎Random Numbers in Perl‎
‎Using Perl 5 to make a program several hundred times faster‎
‎Working with Perl in cloud-land‎
‎Perl 6: Superglue for the 21st Century‎
‎Testing the waters‎
‎High End Unicode in Perl 6‎
‎Secret Santa Overkill‎
‎Practical cryptography‎
‎Asynchronous communication using RabbitMQ‎
‎ES6: Almost an acceptable perl5?‎
‎Docker 101‎
‎On the importance of rabbits‎
‎Solving some of the scalability problems at‎
‎A bot to rule them all!‎
‎The Pleasures and Perils of a Programming Polyglot‎
‎Awaiting the Future‎
‎Hold my beer and watch this!‎
‎Processing tens of TB of data daily‎
‎Game night!‎
‎The Case for Empathy‎
‎Three Little Words‎
‎The Shoulders Of Giants: 400 Years Of Perl 6‎
‎Perl 6 Q&A From The Trenches‎