Partners of The Perl Conference

A BIG THANK YOU to the companies that invested in this conference.

Throughout the years the Perl Conference has been accessible for all developers from all over the world for a very reasonable price. And we always will strive to make it affordable for everyone.

But this wouldn't have been possible without the companies listed below that support the Perl Community. Without their investment, ticket prices would be twice as high.

Enough reason to say 'thank you' here on the website, but also when you see one of their people during the conference.


logo of Booking . com

Booking . com

To empower people to experience the world is an international success that build their website on Perl. runs one of the world’s largest Perl-powered websites and they offer a rapidly evolving and dynamic environment. Their technology is focused on development, scaling and automation.

ZuidStrand - Social Event
Keynote Speakers
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Since 1996, cPanel, Inc. has been delivering the web hosting industry’s most reliable, intuitive control panel

The robust automation software helps businesses thrive and allows them to focus on more important things. Customers and partners receive first-class support and a rich feature set, making cPanel & WHM the hosting platform of choice.

Contributed to the venue
logo of Eligo Technology

Eligo Technology

The niche recruitment agency with a team of dedicated consultants that live and breathe the market

We sponsor, present at, and host many events within the Perl family. Come talk to us for insight into the current Perl market and help in finding you the right person or job in Perl, no matter what you’re looking for.

Contributed to the venue
logo of Perl Careers

Perl Careers

The Perl-focused recruitment consultancy

Perl Careers is a Perl-focused recruitment consultancy specializing in the UK and the US, and run by a CPAN contributor.

Contributed to the venue
logo of Zaaksysteem


SaaS is de SaaS-leverancier binnen de overheid. Al van het begin wordt onze oplossing alleen als SaaS-oplossing aangeboden. Wij hebben dan ook ruime ervaring op dit gebied en hebben de laatste technieken toegepast om een snel en gebruiksvriendelijk systeem aan te bieden.

The lunch
logo of Geizhals Preisvergleich

Geizhals Preisvergleich

Coders most essential
logo of broadbean


Recruitment made simple

The only candidate sourcing and data management solution you need.

The lunch
logo of

The Perl 6 Programming Language

Hi, my name is Camelia. I'm the spokesbug for Perl 6, the plucky little sister of Perl 5. Like her world-famous big sister, Perl 6 intends to carry forward the high ideals of the Perl community. Perl 6 is currently being developed by a team of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. You can help too. The only requirement is that you know how to be nice to all kinds of people (and butterflies). Go to #perl6 ( and someone will be glad to help you get started.

logo of Perl Services

Perl Services

We develop your software in Perl

Are you looking for a reliable partner with a long history of Perl experience? Would you like to have a fixed (and not constantly changing) contact person who is well-versed in anything relating to Perl? Or do you have another concern that requires Perl knowledge? Then you're at the right address: we support you in (nearly) everything to do with Perl.

Coders most essential