We invite you to contribute to The Perl Conference, which will take place in August 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. These meetings were formerly known as YAPC::EU, the yearly meeting of Perl Mongers in Europe.

The theme

The theme of this conference is High-end Perl: Perl is (often in a somewhat hidden way) used for many large commercial and research applications. So, a considerable number of talks will focus their content in this area.

But please, do not feel restricted to this topic: we welcome any good story about your experiences with our magnificent languages!


Presentations can take 5 minutes (lightning talks), 20 or 45 minutes (normal lengths), and longer.

The preferred format is a 20 minute talk. It is projected that the majority of talks will be of this length: we prefer concise contributions by as many conferences participants as possible. We would like 45 minute talks to adhere more strictly to their subject and published audience level.

Long talks (60 up to 90 minutes) are reserved for experienced speakers covering major topics. If you have an in-depth topic you would like to present in some detail, perhaps with considerable discussion, a long slot may be available for you. This is usually split into an introductory and an advanced session.

Tutorials (up to 180 minutes) are available for beginner and introductory style presentations.

Suggestions for subjects

Just to give you some hints about "high end":

  • Something where Perl saved you (a lot of) time
  • Something where you made (a lot of) money with perl
  • How you made (a significant) contribution to OSS
  • A development that caused new standards in IEEE/IETF/W3C/...
  • tools that caused new (national) regulations
  • running Perl on thousands of servers
  • Perl responsible for millions of turnover
  • business quality security applications in Perl
  • ...

How to submit

If you are willing to give a talk:

  • submit proposals to our website before 2017-07-08 23:59:59 CET
  • we will confirm talks before 2017-07-16
  • come up with a challenging title
  • use 100 up to 300 words to describe the content of your talk. Not too short please, not too long either.
  • write-up a short biography of yourself
  • pick the preferred length of the talk, the assumed audience level, subject categories
  • the conference language is English, no exceptions
The organizers reserve the right to assign a shorter time-slot to a talk than requested by the submitter. They may also suggest changes in the content. They will fix language errors without notice.

Where to submit

First, you need to be registered as a participant (existing users find a link to register on their Account settings page, new users click Login and register by creating an account). Then a link to submit a talk will be available on your Account settings page. You can also find this link in the Talks & events menu.

Please leave remarks in the submission form. If you have questions, then mail the program committee at program@theperlconference​.amsterdam.

Other activities

The venue will have space available for hacking sessions out of the schedule. If you have anything to contribute to hacking sessions, please notify the organizers so they can reserve hacking spaces.