Top Class Training to get you to the Next Level

The two days before the actual Perl Conference, there is time for additional training. Don't miss out on them if you want to improve your skills and knowledge

Each of the well-known trainers are very experienced trainers and do give training on a variety of subjects.

The classes are targeted at different audiences and some may require a little basic level of understanding. Others may require you to do some little homework before the training, so you arrive prepared.

We've negotiated with most knowledgable trainers and think we got the best deal ever for an entire day of training.

On top of that there is - since any TPCiA speaker - is ... 'for the benefit of the conference' - a very low-price offer for 'Presentation Aikido' on Tuesday. Get prepared for your presentation!

Portrait of Mastering Perl

Mastering Perl

brian d foy

Sorry to announce, but this course has been cancelled

no one should attend

€ 0

Monday 09:00-17:00

Portrait of Parsing Perl 6

Parsing Perl 6

Damian Conway

Parsing with regular expressions and grammars in Perl 6 is the process of detecting and verifying the structure of incoming data and then processing that data so as to make it available to a program in convenient ways.

  • This full-day tutorial will introduce beginner and intermediate programmers to the powerful and efficient parsing mechanisms built into Perl 6, and will explore specific techniques for parsing data in a variety of commonly used formats.
Perl 5 or Perl 6 programmers who are familiar with simple regular expressions. The techniques presented are not restricted to the particular applications mentioned, and will be useful to anyone who needs to process or transform structured textual data of any kind.

€ 150

Monday 09:00-17:00

Portrait of Effective Perl Programming

Effective Perl Programming

brian d foy

brian presents selected topics from his book Effective Perl Programming.

Anyone with an interest in programming

€ 150

Tuesday 09:00-17:00

Portrait of Introducing Perl 6

Introducing Perl 6

Jeff Goff

Jeffrey Goff offers an introduction to Perl 6, a powerful new language combining the pedigree of Perl 5 with a brand new metaprogramming system, built-in concurrency, and software-definable grammars, among many other features.

  • Starting from one-liners like 'Hello, world!' Jeffrey explores all of the programming styles that Perl 6 has on offer, from basic procedural programming to object-oriented style, aspect-oriented, functional programming, and even logic programming. From the basics of sigils (the signs that so many scratch their heads over) and context, you'll banish lazy evaluation, march through infinite lists, and stalk the wild hyperoperators. Jeffrey introduces simple variables and user I/O by way of a guessing game.
  • After discussing variables and how they're affected by the context they're used in, Jeffrey delves into what's traditionally been the core of Perl: regular expressions. Starting with some simple matching tasks, Jeffrey explains how to parse what even Perl 5 regular expressions can't tackle with a custom grammar. This custom grammar helps teach you object orientation and aspect-oriented programming. You'll then build an interpreter with the help of some hyperoperators and use Perl 6 roles to construct both an interpreter and assembler inside Perl 6.
  • Jeffrey also discusses the community surrounding the language, how to find other programmers, and how to find and share your Perl 6 code.
  • You'll walk out of the tutorial with a solid grasp of the fundamentals of Perl 6 and an exposure to what lies beyond the world of basic scripting.
  • Materials or downloads needed in advance:
    Attendees should bring a laptop with at least 4GB of RAM and a working Perl 6 installation from either Docker (recommended for Mac or Linux), Rakudobrew (recommended on Linux, and what the instructor uses inside his VM), or the MSI installer on Windows.
Attendees should be familiar with at least one programming language (C, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, etc.). While object orientation will be discussed, you do not need to be familiar with this beforehand.

€ 150

Tuesday 09:00-17:00

Portrait of Presentation Aikido

Presentation Aikido

Damian Conway

The best, most effective presentations capture the audience quickly, hold their interest effortlessly, educate and entertain them in equal measure, and sometimes even inspire them.

  • This class explores simple and effective techniques for achieving those goals in any kind of presentation.
Anyone who is required to present technical information in front of an audience.

€ 55 (speakers) / € 150 (non-speakers)

Tuesday 09:00-17:00