An awesome line-up of world class speakers

Portrait of Larry Wall

Larry Wall

I started out as a BASIC programmer. Some people would say that I'm permanently damaged. Some people are undoubtedly right... But I'm not going to apologize for that. All language designers have their occasional idiosyncracies. I'm just better at it than most.

Larry Wall originally created Perl while a programmer at Unisys. Larry is known for his idiosyncratic and thought-provoking approach to programming, as well as for his groundbreaking contributions to the culture of free software programming. He is the principal author of the bestselling Programming Perl, known colloquially as 'the Camel book.'

Portrait of Sawyer X

Sawyer X

Perl developer, public speaker, project leader for the Dancer web framework, 2015 White Camel award recipient, terrible bio writer.

Sawyer X has been a core developer of Dancer probably too quickly after it came into the world. He has led Dancer and now leads the new branch of Dancer: Dancer2. He's the current project leader and main developer.