Wiki - BadMovieNight

David H. Adler (‎dha‎) - DrForr had suggested a Bad Movie Night, has been traditional at YAPC::NA for a while now. So I figured I'd start a page for it.

Pretty simple. Some of us get together and watch bad movies. We'll have to work out the logistics, but hopefully we'll straighten that out at some point. Feel free to join.

David H. Adler (‎dha‎)

Where and when? I haven't seen "The Blob" this year yet. This kind of movies you mean? -- Steffen Schwigon (‎renormalist‎)

David H. Adler (‎dha‎): I don't have The Blob handy, but, yes, arguably that kind of thing.

Update: We're Bad Movieing at the same time as game night, in the
Oprah room, at the back of the main presentation space.