CloudDeploy: Making infrastructure aMooseing

45 minutes



In the current DevOps and microservice hype-fever, infrastructure as code has been repeatedly deemed as a key practice to undertake.
Now, while "infra as code" sounds good, "infra as Moose classes" sounds definitely much more awesome :)

CloudDeploy is a 100% perl-written toolkit for managing infrastructure as Moose classes and deploying it in an automated manner to AWS (only to AWS; at least, as of now).
But it is also more than that: it provides a CLI to deploy, a CLI utility to manage images, functionality to calculate 'diffs' between versions of the same stack, etc.

At CAPSiDE we have been managing infrastructure for more than 15 years. The experience we have earned along the way has been bundled into this tool that has just been open sourced and made available to our community.
We use CloudDeploy daily and we heavily rely on it since the project inception in 2013.

In this talk I will explain what CloudDeploy is and why it can be useful to manage your AWS infrastructure.
I will also cover how to take your first steps with it and create stacks from scratch.

Lastly, if you know absolutely nothing about AWS please, don't worry, as I will briefly cover the basic services CloudDeploy relies on to get infrastructure up and running.