Spit: A Postmodern DevOps tool, written in Perl 6


45 minutes



👻Spook in the shell🐚 (Spit-sh or Spit) compiles a Perl 6 like
language called "Spook" into shell scripts. Since shell commands are the atomic instructions of IT infrastructure, spit can produce arbitrarily complex shell scripts to do almost anything. Including:

- Embedding shell scripts within other shell scripts which are
then be deployed on remote resources by the enclosing shell
- Building multi-stage Docker images with as small an image size as possible.
- Interact easily with HTTP JSON apis without having to deal directly with curl.

The purpose of Spit is to be a practical tool that makes UNIX
configuration fun and accessible. It is perl-post-modern in its
attempt to revitalise the UNIX shell.

Nobody apart from me uses Spit yet. It is still alpha software. But I
feel it's finally ready for public consumption! 🎉

In my talk I'll explain the philosophy and basics of the language as well as demonstrate how to use spit to:

- Create virtual machines on DigitalOcean and configure them
- Build a tiny Perl 6 docker container and then use it to containerise your own Perl 6 app
- Write and run tests for your infrastructure 

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