Volunteering ... ?

The organising team is relatively small as you can see on the other page about the team. And the people are doing a great job together.

But there are many things that they can not do themselves and really need some help from well motivated, community aware people that really like to help a hand!
Below there are some things you can help with and maybe you want to help a little more and do two shifts ?
Please go to the Wiki and update the info there, add your name there!!!

Registration Desk

or call yourself the 'welcoming team'

Tuesday afternoon we will have the option for people to come to the pre-registration.
And ofcourse on Wednesday morning early we expect a lot more people to show up

Say "Hello", or "Guten Tag" or even "Bună dimineața.", find a goody bag, a t-shirt and their badge... and smile to our guests!

Camera Crew

Ready, Set, ACTION!!! ... No, but we like to make sure that our recordings are done well, that the speakers are in the center of the recording and that we actually do record their voice too ?

You will certainly do a better job than Theo does during FOSDEM

Time Keepers

Speakers are always soooo passionate about their topic. They keep talking and talking and ... oh ... any questions ?

They just need a little reminder by the end that they will have to finish