The Fabulous Team

No conference without the hard labour of team with dedicated people. Each of them has their own special talents, like giving hugs
Make sure that you meet them during the conference and buy them a beer

I am one of Raku's MoarVM developers working to improve various aspects of the virtual machine. I work on string operation performance and Unicode support in MoarVM, though recently has been working on making MoarVM's hashing more secure. I love Perl and Raku and greatly enjoy contributing to Raku. It is the programming language of the future!

One of the many things I do, is updating the website content. There, is sooo much that the organising team likes to share with you, and I love to publish it here.

Another project I am involved in is SHA2017 and enjoy bringing in my personal experiences.

Sure, if you find something you think we should add, just give me a shout.

I'm actually an interpreter of the other kind - the one that sits in a booth and is expected to reproduce the things someone says in one natural language in another natural language on-the-fly. But I'm also a geek at heart and most of my activities in life start with writing some Perl code to support me in them, and so I started hanging out with the Dutch Perl Mongers. Then I somehow ended up with the task of coming up with a website for the Dutch Perl workshops every year and now this conference... Having said that, where the design looks good, it's probably Theo's work, and I'm very grateful to Melinda for taking on quite a bit of the content.

If you're equally intrigued by the syntax of natural and computer languages and/or have ever failed or succeeded in learning Mandarin, feel free to seek me out for a chat at the conference!

I'm using Perl to solve problems since 1995. My first European Perl Conference was YAPC 2002 in Munich, I've missed quite a few since then.

I an notorious for trying to modernize the Act conference toolkit, which scored me a gig at helping to get the website up and running.