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Every year there is a Perl Conference in Europe. It has gone by many names, originally being called YAPC (Yet Another Perl Conference), a tongue in cheek naming which was more recently changed to more clearly represent that this conference is the largest and premier Perl conference in Europe. The Perl & Raku Conference - formerly known as YAPC::EU and PerlCon - is the yearly meeting of Perl Mongers in Europe.

Due to the Perl 6 programming language renaming to Raku, this year the name has been changed to The Perl and Raku Conference or PerlRakuCon for short (PerlCon or RakuCon are also acceptable).

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Sponsors make for a better conference

We already have contracted a few large sponsors, but are still in need of contributions of various sizes. Companies, please show our community that you appreciate its existence - that you also benefit from.

Contact info@perlrakucon​.eu for information about how you can help this Perl conference to be affordable for everyone.

If you want to do the Perl community - and yourself a great favour, then check out the various options we offer. Pick and choose to to match your budget. We are sure you can find a great combination and get the best deals!

Our venue: Het Sieraad Our venue: Het Sieraad

The Pe(a)rl of Amsterdam

Het Sieraad is national heritage site erected in 1924 as a trade school.

Het Sieraad is close to the city center of Amsterdam (a few minutes by bike) and can also be reached by tram or by boat at the junction of Admiralengracht and Kostverlorenvaart.


Postjesweg 1

1057 DT Amsterdam


Meet the people that make this Perl Event happen …

I'm an interpreter too - but I do natural languages.

Let's make the Perl Conference in Amsterdam GREAT together!

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