The Fabulous Team

No conference without the hard labour of team with dedicated people. Each of them has their own special talents, like giving hugs
Make sure that you meet them during the conference and buy them a beer

Not long ago, 2013 in Kiev, my first Perl Conference -- sponsored through the Send-A-Newbie program -- I decided to help with the Dutch Perl Workshop. It was only a little later, that organising a Conference would be the next insane thing to do

I feel so privileged to be amongst great and inspirational people that have a same passion as I have...

Make The Perl Conference in Amsterdam ... GREAT!!!

I use and love Perl since 1994.

I helped organising many Amsterdam Perl Mongers meetings, all Netherlands Perl Workshops, and YAPC::Europe in 2001 in Amsterdam.

The Perl Conference in Amsterdam in 2017 will see me help with registration & front desk, finding/supporting speakers, and setting up a beautiful booth with Perl-stuff. Above all, I will help you have a good time in Amsterdam...

I'm happy to help with whatever (technical) problem the team forks of to me, as long as I do not have to do the planning.

I'll try to make a personal agenda for each of the visitors, ready to integrate with your Android or iPhone calendar.

I'll be helping setting up the schedule.

Happy to assist the team on planning, administration, booking and all other kind of activities you can expect from an assistant. Because that will be my role.

I am not in to any code at all (I know how to deal with Merijn - and that is the only tech language I know)

Working as assistant for Hewlett Packard Enterprise for many years and living close to Amsterdam.

I have joined many YAPC's as a spouse and now I am happy to be your help for all questions related to travel, tourism in the Netherlands, weather forecast and what else.

Although I don’t share my fathers expertise in programming and Perl, I do share his passion and I am very passionate about social media and spreading news.

I like to stay up to date with (almost) everything that goes on in the physical world by monitoring the digital one. That is why I will co-ordinate social media and promotion concerning the Perl Conference in Amsterdam in 2017.

I started in 1999 with my first utterances of baby Perl, soon to become fluent in cargo cult Perl. Thanks to the enormous amount of Perl books, other documentation and help from the fine Perl Community, things eventually started to make sense and the love grew stronger.

My first Perl Conference was in Cluj in 2016 which I enjoyed beyond my wildest expectations.

Time to do something in return for the community, so you will find me at the Conference trying to be as helpful as I can.

I wish you all a great Perl Conference!

One of the many things I do, is updating the website content. There, is sooo much that the organising team likes to share with you, and I love to publish it here.

Another project I am involved in is SHA2017 and enjoy bringing in my personal experiences.

Sure, if you find something you think we should add, just give me a shout.

I'm actually an interpreter of the other kind - the one that sits in a booth and is expected to reproduce the things someone says in one natural language in another natural language on-the-fly. But I'm also a geek at heart and most of my activities in life start with writing some Perl code to support me in them, and so I started hanging out with the Dutch Perl Mongers. Then I somehow ended up with the task of coming up with a website for the Dutch Perl workshops every year and now this conference... Having said that, where the design looks good, it's probably Theo's work, and I'm very grateful to Melinda for taking on quite a bit of the content.

If you're equally intrigued by the syntax of natural and computer languages and/or have ever failed or succeeded in learning Mandarin, feel free to seek me out for a chat at the conference!