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It has come to my attention that Amanda Palmer is playing at the Queen's Hall in Edinburgh on Friday 17th August (the last day of the conference). And it is a law of the universe that you must see Amanda Palmer playing live as often as possible.

It is, therefore, my plan to go and see her in Edinburgh that night. I have already bought my ticket. I'll get the train from Glasgow Queen St to Edinburgh Waverley at about 17:45 and a train back at either 23:00 or 23:30 (the journey is about an hour).

A few tickets for the show are still available. If you see a row of about eight empty seats in row Q in the side stalls, I'm sitting on the right-hand end of that row (seat Q33). If anyone else wanted to buy a ticket and join me at the show, you would be very welcome. Just buy a ticket and add your name to the list below.

* Dave Cross (‎davorg‎)

(If you're not sure whether you'll enjoy Amanda Palmer, why not take a look at her YouTube channel.)

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