A gdb-like debugger for Perl5

By: Rocky Bernstein from NY.pm
Date: Not scheduled yet.
Duration: 20 minutes
Target audience: Any
Language: English
Tags: debugger devel::callstack devel::trepan term::readline::perl5

I'll describe a GDB-like debugger that I've written for Perl5. I will focus on the aspects of this debugger that make it unique among Perl debuggers such as:

- Its ability to show you where you are using deparsing with fine granularity
- Its smart eval command
- Its gdb orientation
- Its extensive on-line help
- interactive shell support (via Devel::REPL)
- code disassembly (via B::Concise)
- extensibility at several levels

This project also proudly uses LEONT's Module::Build, and with the help of Jeffrey Kegler, Marpa:R2

Attended by: Rocky Bernstein

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