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Name: Mr. H.Merijn Brand (‎Tux‎) Photo
City: Huizen
Country: Netherlands
Perl mongers group: ,
Company: Procura
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Perlmonks id: Tux
GPG key ID: 0x3E5DC098
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I am an analyst/programmer since 1988 working for Procura in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, which has been very openminded to OpenSource.

I am specialized in data-analysis and -conversion, mainly with databases and data-connections as focus area.

Many know me for my work on the CSV data format with Perl. I wrote a fast, versatile and flexible CSV parser for Perl 5 and ported that to Raku.

In my daily work, I mainly use the Perl, C, and Java programming languages. My desktop is Linux (openSUSE with KDE/Plasma 5) on my workstations and my laptop. Next to Linux my daily work also used to be concentrated on commercial OS's like HP-UX and AIX.

On the internet I am widely known as "Tux".

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