News: TPCiG Workshops Wanted

27/03/18 11:43 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

There are fewer than twenty-one weeks to go until the Perl Conference in Glasgow starts and for most of us that is the time we start thinking about maybe submitting a talk, signing up to the event or looking at hotels. For a brave few it is time to start considering the Workshops?

Would you like to give a workshop at this year’s TPCiG? Would you like to attend a workshop? There are already events listed on the website and we are looking for more workshops to truly round out this year’s European Perl Conference. They need not be about Perl. The magnificent Dave Cross is doing a workshop on SEO (yes you heard that correctly) so flex your creative juices and submit.

There are limited workshop openings so submitting early with good levels of detail is an absolute must. Use the normal link to submit a presentation and choose your workshop length. You can always talk to Mark or Rick if you need more details or want some feedback.

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