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Name: Mr. Mark Keating (‎mdk‎) Photo
City: Lancaster
Country: United Kingdom
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Company: Shadowcat Systems Limited
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Mark Keating is an odd male with roughly five decades of chronological competence in his girth. He is married to Leigh a girl of great patience and unsurpassed kawaii-ness. They both live in Lancaster, UK. This is all rather convenient since they are married and have three sons, a cat called Darwin and various tropical fresh-water fish.

Mark Keating stumbled sideways into the magnificent world of Perl by way of linguistics, literature, a publishing company and an undefined close association with Matt Trout.

He is the the managing director of Shadowcat Systems Limited a software development company specialising in open source languages (primarily Perl and Javascript) and modern web technology; secretary of the Enlightened Perl Organisation; chair of the Perl Foundation Marketing Committee; member of the tpf steering committee; member of the Perl Advocacy Group; leader of; Chair of FLOSSUK.

He is responsible for feats of adminion munging such as the organising the London Perl Workshop over 10 times and over a dozen other conferences and events. He is a neophyte evangelist of modern Perl and an advocate of Enlightenment thinking.

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