News: Answering the Call

05/03/18 14:20 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

The Call for Papers for this year’s European Perl Conference, TPCiG also known as Yet Another Perl Conference Europe (YAPC::EU), that is held in Glasgow from 15th-17th August is still open and accepting submissions.

This year we are taking a different approach to the submissions by accepting some talks early and filling out the schedule in advance. This is to encourage new speakers, those who have to travel and book in advance and to help spur people into action. We have already accepted some talks and will be accepting more in the following week(s) so get your proposals in now.

The event is entirely volunteer organised and we would also accept invitations from people who wish to help organise the event in advance or on the day. If you think you can help out then please contact Mark (@shadowcat_mdk) or Rick (@PerlRick) as soon as you can. Even a few hours help in writing messages or promoting the event will be an enormous boon and we will be hugely grateful.

So don’t delay, now is the time to submit a talk, or to offer to lend a hand.

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