News: Call for Volunteers

17/12/17 20:46 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

As many of you are aware the Perl Conference in Europe (Glasgow) will be held between 13th-17th August 2018. The website is already active and attracting both speakers and sponsors and the main organising team of Mark Keating and Rick Deller have been planning the general shape of the conference.

However, an event as large as this takes more than just two people and we are now seeking a team of others to help us with the event. This will be tasks from speaking to sponsors, speakers, event management, writing articles, social media management, general tasks that happen before the event.

We will also need technical and non-technical people to help with the many tasks at the conference. These are a range from making sure people know where to go and what talks are in what rooms, to setting up rooms, timing speakers, video help and a host of small tasks too numerous to mention here.

This is your chance to shine and to be part of an important event and a major contributor to the best community Perl conference. You can make a real difference in the community and be rewarded with thanks, limited edition swag and some other special gifts.

Contact Mark or Rick if you wish to express an interest or if you have experience and once again wish to take up the mantle. It is best, these days, to hit us up on Twitter at @shadowcat_mdk or @perlrick.

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