News: Dave Cross Workshop

09/10/17 09:40 by Mark Keating (‎mdk‎)

The first workshop to accompany the 2018 Conference has just been accepted. Dave Cross, well loved and respected community member and long time Perl trainer from Magnum Solutions, has submitted a half day tutorial on SEO: View Website Tune-Up.

Dave has this to say about the presentation:

'Most of us have web sites. And for most of those web sites, success means getting more visitors [to] visit it. And that means getting better ranking in Google. And that means SEO.

You can spend hours poring over spreadsheets of keywords that you want your web site to rank for. But there's another side to SEO. There are a number of relatively simple tweaks you can make to your site in order to make it more attractive to Google. Over the course of three hours, we will cover some of these.'

This is an event that will appeal to: people outside of the Perl community; any developer who wishes to understand how SEO impacts sites; managers and project developers wishing to further promote their sites.

You can register your interest in the event by signing up to the conference and starring the workshop but seats and tickets will not be allocated until a later date.

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