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Hi all - Rocky here....

If you have specific suggestions on what kinds of things you'd like me to talk about in the Perl Debugger: Devel::Trepan let me know.

I have blogged a little on the debugger here.

I also gave a lightning talk on the debugger at, but I don't recall if there was a video of that made.

Also, I have been revamping DeparseTree">DeparseTree It has be a lot of work. But I think it's cool, and I hope it will gain more traction.

It is tempting to think of Perl's venerable opcode tree as an alternative representation of the program as an AST. But as has been pointed out here it is really is not suitable for that.

Using the code in B::Deparse we can build a tree that is closer to something like an AST, although in truth this is not my focus. Instead it is on being able to associate nodes with portions of the program text for the purpose of understanding exactly where in the are in the source code at any point in the running of the program.

That said, having build this more abstract tree, it could be used as a way to transform the program, either to spit out a new Perl source, a new tree, or a new sequence of opcodes.

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