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Speaker Info

Here is some basic information for speakers, which may be useful for during the event.

Projector Connections and Resolution

The main connection for the Projectors will be HDMI. At the event, there will be the following adaptors available in each room:

All projectors are full HD (1920h x 1080v resolution), so if it is possible, please lay your slides out for Widescreen 16:9. If your slides are already 4:3, then this will still work, just make sure the room video technician knows before hand in case the stream needs adjusting.

In previous recordings, there have been issues with HDCP (HD Copy Protection) over HDMI connections, which our recorders wont recognise. In the case that your machine has this issue, we will use the VGA adaptors to record your slides. This mainly affects modern Macbooks, but we will still try them over HDMI and see what happens.

At Registration

We will have a 'model release form' for the video streaming and recording. Please make sure to fill in a copy of the form if you would like to appear on the stream/recording. If you do not want to appear in the stream/recording, also please let us know during registration - we will default to opt out, but a confirmation is also useful so we can make sure we alert the Video Technicians of this.

Before Your Presentation

If possible, please test your laptop with the projector and recording equipment before your talk - this will save on time at the beginning of your talk, as well as determine which particular adaptors you will require so they can be ready for you at the beginning of your talk.


When you edit your talk here on the conference website there are fields for an abstract and talk url. When you are done making the slides (or presenting them) consider adding the link there.

The links will be available on all the expected places including on the proceedings page that lists all the talks complete with speaker, first paragraph of the abstract, and links.

If you have any further questions, catch TBSliver on IRC or Twitter

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