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Interested in Origami? Want to learn?

Come on down for a 90-120 minute BOF, learn and share Origami. You don't need to know a single fold in order to get started, we'll (probably I'll) teach you what you need to know. I'll supply ideas in the form of convention books, and paper to work with, so you won't need to raid the local printers. I'll run more of a traditional Origami workshop if we get a room, otherwise it'll probably be ad-hoc, we'll take a table or two.

I've been to several Origami workshops including some very advanced work, and love it as an art form and science. Feel free to learn, teach and/or chill out and watch. I can bring snacks as well if we get enough people, I don't know what the conference will supply.

What will we learn? I've got models by Eric Gjerde, Paolo Bascetta, Heinz Strobel, and Alessandra Lamio among others, all of whom I've learned directly from.

Add yourself here, and if you have any experience let me know. I've done this at the London Perl Workshop, and taught classes at Salt Lake City to a few people.


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