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Name: Mr. Bruce Gray (‎Util‎) Photo
City: Auburn, AL
Country: United States
Perl mongers group:
Company: Gray & Associates
Web page:
Perlmonks id: Util
IM: "Util" on freenode/#perl6 and perl/#parrot

I eat, sleep, live, and breathe Perl!

Consultant and Contract Programmer
Avid PerlMonk
Frequent PerlMongers speaker
Enthusiastic refactorer
Dedicated Shakespeare theater-goer
Recent "Getting Things Done" convert
Armchair Mathematician
Author of Blue_Tiger, a tool for modernizing Perl.
(5->6 now. 5->5 coming soon!)

35 years coding
21 years Perl
17 years as Spokesperson for East Alabama Linux Users Group
16 years Married
14 YAPCs
7 Hackathons
3 PerlWhirls
1 CPAN module (uploaded Real Soon Now)
And all from Auburn, Alabama, a bright spot in a dim state!

Perl interests: Refactoring, Perl Idioms / Micropatterns, RosettaCode, Parrot and Perl 6.

Dark secrets:
Desktop machine is Win32
AS/400(iSeries) & RPG

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