Sponsors make for a better conference

Show the Perl community that you appreciate its existence and hard work done by contributors to free and opens source software – that you benefit from every day!

We already have contracted a few large sponsors, but are still in need of contributions of various sizes.

You can choose one or combine several packages. Some have been split up over smaller portions, so you can pick and choose. For example, you can choose to sponsor one entire lunch, combining all three ingredients, or sponsor three days part of the WiFi

Contact sponsors@theperlconference​.amsterdam for information about how you can help this Perl conference to be affordable for everyone.

Portrait of Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet

at the pre-social ...

Be the first!

We have an exclusive opportunity to sponsor this Perl event!

The evening before, when most international guest have arrived in Amsterdam, we like to come together. We love to share stories and do lot off hugzzz. But we also like good food and lots off drinks

Make sure you are the sponsor that people will remember for the rest of the conference days. Sponsor the first big event.

We will offer 3 regular tickets to hand out to any of your co-workers, worth €365 each.

€ 5000

pre-social × 1

Portrait of Coders Essential

Coders Essential

Perl Mongers come together to connect ...

For a very small amount you will provide the attendees with WiFi!

From previous experiences we have learned that providing WiFi for a Perl Conference or the smaller Perl Workshops can be a nightmare. We are all a bunch of tech people and complain bitterly if not done properly.

Would you want to sponsor something unreliable? We wouldn't think so and have hired a third party company that will provide enough power and bandwidth to keep all attendees happy. And they will have two people on site for technical support!

Sponsor 500Mbit bandwith for the WiFi network for one day! or what about sponsoring the entire WiFi 3Gbit for 3 days. Of course, 500Mb every day is also an option.

We will push the provider to an interesting challenge to make sure that you as a sponsor will get enough exposure when people access the network... without being obnoxious

€ 250

500Mbit per day × 18

Portrait of Where you don’t want to miss it

Where you don’t want to miss it

The 'Event Space' with the Keynotes and ...

Become one of the main sponsors

Most of the conference moments are being held it this 'Event Space'. This will include opening keynote and LightningTalks at the end of the day. But since we have a awesome lineup of speakers, we've decided that we will have an early afternoon planar session here.

Lunch will be setup in this same hall, so, as sponsor you will have maximum exposure during the entire day.

Speaking of exposure, your pop-up banner will be placed during the day, at either side of the main stage. We also will offer 1 regular ticket, worth €365.

€ 2500

per day × 6

Portrait of Where 'interesting' things happen

Where 'interesting' things happen

The smaller rooms with awesome presentations...

Show your appreciation towards early initiatives and crazy ideas

Our program committee selects the most finest or most obscure talks. They vary much and make the conference most interesting. Those presentations will be held during break-out sessions in smaller, seperate rooms.

Your sponsorship will support during all three days, one of those four rooms. You will have the option to place a roll-up banner next to the presenterdesk. We also will offer 1 regular ticket, worth €365.

€ 1000

all three days, per room × 4

Portrait of Coders Most Essential

Coders Most Essential

Programming: the art of turning caffeine in code...

Your tribute will keep us going

We have gone far, very far, to get the best coffee experience for this Perl Conference.... again!. During the morning and during the afternoon there will be short breaks for coffee, or 'black tea' and other hot drinks.

We will ensure that your name, together with another sponsor, will be associated with this wonderful experience. We also will offer 1 regular ticket, worth €365.

€ 500

half break × 12

Portrait of Not your average a sandwich

Not your average a sandwich

But a key element of a good lunch...

We coders will not get hungry, because of your generous donation

And it will not just be a sandwich. The catering service is outstanding and will make sure everyone is happy. Enough choice for everybody!

Together with two other sponsors ...you will be the sponsor for that lunch on that day. Of course, you can also sponsor the entire lunch. During lunch, we will make sure the attendees know who paid for their food and drinks. We will offer 1 regular ticket, worth €365.

€ 1250

⅓ of the lunch, per day × 3

Portrait of Soup, with balls! or maybe without

Soup, with balls! or maybe without

but it surely will have impact...

After hours of focusing on interesting presentations and listening to some speakers, it's time to get a boost... You can help to keep us going for the next series of presentations.

€ 1250

⅓ of the lunch, per day × 3

Portrait of Freshly squeezed, to keep you healthy

Freshly squeezed, to keep you healthy

and it comes from a good source

As much as we enjoy coffee and tea, there are better alternaives to drink. Your sponsorship will increase our own awarness.

€ 1250

⅓ of the lunch, per day × 3

Portrait of saying “Thank You”

saying “Thank You”

The speakers that made it happen

Speakers Dinner!

For those that put in some extra effort and time to prepare the presentations, we like to say “Thank You”.

The venues has an excellent roof-top restaurant and we'd like to treat the speakers well

Will you as sponsor take this opportunity and show your appreciation?

We will offer 2 regular tickets to hand out to any of your co-workers, worth €365 each. Additionally, you will be granted time to give a short speech during the dinner

€ 3000

speakers dinner × 1